Real estate is about selling. Pure and simple. It's one of the most emotional selling environments there is. It requires an innate ability to listen to and understand people. More often than not it occurs in times of family stress or separation – further complicating the sale. Or "transition management" as we like to call it.

A real estate brokerage requires sound selling leadership and there is nobody in Montreal more experienced at selling high-end real estate than JJ Jacobs. It is the center of her being and the focus of her team.

Yes, you do need a real estate agent.

By now, you all know how a real estate transaction takes place. At least you think you do. But what really goes on behind the happy moment when you sit down with the buyer and close your deal?

It's kind of like surgery. You know you need the operation in order to get better but you don't really want to see the actual cutting. All that matters is that you get well at the end of the day. You wouldn't let just anyone operate on you. So why should you let just anyone sell your most valuable dollar asset? It takes a steady hand on both sides of the deal - not one that is fraught with your own emotions.

Good agents take the emotional equation out of the negotiation. Great agents don't allow your emotions to get further compromised because they overpriced your house to begin with, left it sitting on the market longer than you wanted and put you up against a deadline you didn't want or need.

It's simply not professional.