Thanks to the internet access to MLS listings, eager buyers can research and find listings virtually anywhere in the world. This is great news. What isn't so great is that listings are often coded in language that only a trained realtor can understand. And they don't reveal key aspects like the neighbourhood characteristics, pending development plans or the real reason why a house is being sold.

So what seems to be a great "find" on your part may in fact end up being a disaster. Unless it is vetted by an agent working on your buying behalf – before, during and after the sale, you are opening the door to potentially costly issues.

That's what JJ Jacobs Realty buying specialists have built a reputation on.

Shopping for Montreal real estate?

Along with being a safe, culturally rich, multi-national city Montreal has its foibles – primarily related to municipal politics and taxation. Your JJ Jacobs real estate agent can fill you in on regional idiosyncrasies that might affect your long-term happiness in your neighbourhood.

Speaking of the long term, it's worth noting that amongst major metropolitan centres in Canada, few have the range of centre core development land potential that exists right here in Montreal.